Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
Hi chaps,
My name is David, I am an Essex fan, and have a website called View From the Outfield, so if any of you want to get your view heard outside of this forum, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Loving the forum so far, plenty of interesting topics and views.
In the meantime if you want to check out my website, it's www.ViewFromTheOutfield.weebly.com.
Cheers guys, I look forward to getting involved in some debates soon.
By Moose
Hi I am Shazza but my mates call me Moose.

I am a North Walian sport fanatic..tv viewing of course.and about to watch my first T20 match live tomorrow night.

I am just wondering if I will be able to watch the whole match and catch my train to Bath at 10.00PM, or would I have to leave the match early?
Hi Golfalert.  I hope we will be hearing from you. I would love to get your occasional comments on Indian domestic cricket outside the IPL. And an immediate question. Is there any Indian domestic commentary available in English on the Internet?  I work in an office on my own and often am in the mood to listen to cricket regardless of the time of year.

Hi Moose. Welcome. As a North Walian getting anywhere to watch top class sport must be difficult. I lived in Mold for three years and my one trip to Cardiff seemed to take a lifetime. Have you considered going to Old Trafford?  Perhaps on a nice day. You may even get to see Lancashire as your second team.
By Moose
Hi Lanky  your right it is difficult and expensive. and living on the Island is even worse..have been to Colwyn Bay a few times.

I am in Swindon ready for RIAT so thought it would be nice to go watch Glammy play..didn't realise i couldn't get back hence the reason of staying in Bath, :lol :oops:

If it wasn't always raining in Mnachester I would take Lancashire as my second team :lol
Fair enough. It does rain occasionally in Manchester.  But I was there three or so years ago when my phone overheated and switched itself off.  That was actually during a Championship game v. Glamorgan.

Pick a good day and you will be fine. Though it will still be a long way for you.

Hope you enjoy the game and the air show.
Appreciate north to south Wales and vice versa is a long way. Glam are in Colwyn Bay...actually Rhos on Sea...from Sunday 17th July for 4 days v Derbyshire and play up there every year against usually a northern county. We had Lancashire up there again last year and we felt like the away side!
I know a few who come south for cricket and football but tie in with a family visit. I can't blame those in the north Wales area supporting Lancashire as an adopted county. Glamorgan are the team of Wales and take cricket up there but for logistical purposes Lancashire are closer and have always drawn support from there. In some parts of mid Wales the nearest draw is Warwickshire or Worcestershire. I see it as anyone accessing any cricket anywhere is always good for the game. Lancashire are perhaps the biggest county club of all and have always been strong as proven with the memorabilia in their old pavilion....welcoming people too.
Welcome both!
By Moose
What a nice match to start with. Crowd was a little sparce but it was fun. The only down side are the toilet facilities. I think they were made for the less rotund ones :O

Had a great time now looking to come down again and make a nice weekend stay in Cardiff: D
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By gmdf
Hi there - gmdf, a refugee from the (sadly now defunct) We Are Kent forum here.  Apart from supporting Kent (a member since 1971) I am generally interested in the history, statistics and literature of the game.  :D

I am not going to be watching franchise cricket any time soon... :burn: 
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