Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
[quote="glamexile (Byron)"]
........ I'm hoping that many of my fellow Glamorgan CCC  forumites will be joining me on here. I know I'm biased but they're a smashing bunch of people so please give them a warm welcome!


I might be biased but I would second that Tim :)  even if that football club you support is a bit quirky!

Hi,I"m another Glam fan joining the stampede from our old forum.
Been a follower since 1956 when my Grandad took me to watch Glam v Northants at Ebbw Vale,and I"ve been hooked ever since.

I am still a keen club cricketer,and have clocked up nearly 50 seasons,having played for clubs in Wales,Hampshire and Devon.

  I am a cricket traditionalist,prefering the longer formats of the game,and over the past 5 seasons I have seen nearly every Glamorgan Championship match home and away.

Best wishes,and Thanks to VFTB for this new opportunity,
My name is Ronnie Barker
Known as DJ Ronnieb
I have been a member of Glamorgan cricket for 56 years and served on the committee for 11 years
Glamorgan at the moment going through a very lean patch  and it will remain dark for quite a while until it starts to get lighter
Hello folks,  my name is Chris from Newark on Trent. Nottinghamshire supporter but do enjoy watching other teams & all formats. Trent Bridge is a great place to watch the cricket. Happy to have found this website & look forward to some cricket chat & banter!
Hi Guys

I used to hold a membership at Notts many years ago and I have remained a keen follower ever since. These days, I live and work in China so my main contact is live broadcasts via BBC Radio Nottm. Sometimes I get to a game when I go back home but it is rare. Really looking forward to the next season. Some really strong signings!

All the best to the lads and all supporters - a trophy or two would be nice.
Hello, I'm Jonathan. As my username suggests, I'm a Warwickshire supporter. I post quite a lot on the Warwickshire forum (Bears Fans) and enjoy discussing cricket with other like-minded individuals so thought I'd give this forum a try as well!

I've recently graduated from Reading University with a degree in Meteorology, and I actually did my dissertation on "How much is English county cricket affected by the weather?" In October I'm going to be starting a PhD in the same department, although sadly not relating to cricket! Perhaps unusually for my generation, I enjoy nothing more than spending a day (or more) in the sun in the freezing cold at a County Championship match, although I enjoy all forms of the game. I currently live in Northumberland so Durham is my most visited ground at the minute, although when I move back to Reading I'll have access to more county grounds and (hopefully) more county cricket!
Hi!  I'm Mike a lifelong Glamorgan fan from the Merthyr valley - 27 years and counting since being hooked at my first live match!  I introduced my then-Fiance to Glam years ago - now she goes on her own when I can't make it!  Glam have some wonderful supporters and the players always take time out to chat - this does not happen at football! 
Been meaning to join this forum for ages- so please don't hind behind pseudonyms on your posts and keep it positive!
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Hi I'm Steve I run Python Cricket.  I'm based in the Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire triangle.

Lived in London so used to visit the Oval so I guess that makes me a Surrey fan.

I also spend a lot of time repairing bats so if anyone has any questions please feel free to drop them my way.
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