Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
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By Alex
If you are new to the forum why not announce your arrival and feel free to tell everyone a bit about yourself within this topic.

I will start it off, I'm Alex and I created this site because I wanted to create a thriving cricketing community where fans could share their views and meet other cricket lovers.
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My names Val, I live in Studley & I support the Bears....hence my name ;)
I've been a member at Warwickshire since 2006 and on Thursday witnessed possibly the proudest day of my life when we lifted the LVCC Division 1 Trophy at New Road.
I have a tendancy to say what I feel on social media without fear of upsetting someone and this sometimes get's me some flak but if I feel someone/something needs defending then I'm very vocal.
Away from cricket, I love MotoGP and have a tattoo in memory of the late Marco Simoncelli.
I enjoy gardening when I get time and am not getting woken up at 5:00am from our cats Freddie, Monty & Colly. Bet you can't guess who they were named after :D
Themaclad aka Andrew Mackay
Life long Lancashire supporter, first cricketing experience was the 2nd day of the Ashes test at Old Trafford in 1964, sat on the grass watching Bobby Simpson compile a substantial part of his 310
Used to play career ended when dropped for a 12 year old.
Have discovered the joy of watching village cricket in the Sth Lakes area, picturesque grounds and decent cricket
Finest cricket memory 2011County Champions, relegated the season after but who is bothered about that.
By kwills
Hi, name is Kevin. Hooked on the game since travelling up to Old Trafford in 1981 and seeing ITB smash the Aussies all around the park. Live in Hampshire, the mighty Amper-shoire, but cant leave my Somserset supporting roots behind. Had tremendous pleasure of meeting most of the Saffer team down in Taunton at the 2 day warm up in early summer. Met Hashim and wished him good luck. So yes, it pretty much is all my fault.
By twosheds

My name is Ian Barker. I'm a Yorkshire supporter originally from Teesside but now living in Parma, Italy. I don't get to see much live cricket these days but used to frequent Headingley regularly. Up until a couple of years ago I played regularly in the York Senior League with much enthusiasm but, unfortunately, little ability.
By Chris1978

I'm Chris Wright from Chester. I follow Lancs a bit, mainly in one dayers, but also when work allows in the County Champ especially since they have played at Liverpool recently. Must admit, I really like my small county grounds, such as Liverpool. My best friend is a Glamorgan fan, whose family hail from Swansea, so we usually have a week there when Glammorgan play there and also a couple of days when they play at Colwyn Bay.

I follow England, usually try to do atleast 5 days of International cricket of the summer, usually 2 or 3 days in a test match and maybe one or two ODI's. Been on tour to Australia twice, West Indies, and South Africa. Sadly due to family/work I'm not able to tour now, but hope to again in the next few years.

I also watch Chester Boughton Hall a bit in the summer if I can. In my opinion nothing better than sitting with your mates, on a sunny day having a few beers watching a bit of cricket, whatever the standard.

By charlesel
I'm a Pom who has lived in Australia for 30 years (nice country but) and Australian journalists get right up my nose...tell you why later but you can join me on twitter @charlesel
I support Surrey, Everton, Harlequins,and every English/British/UK team that plays against any Australian side :)
Greetings. I am Lanarkian (Ian Fergus) and have followed cricket since I was in primary school in Scotland (1960). I think that I am quite fickle regarding whom I support. I started with Sussex (where my aunt and uncle lived) then switched to Essex (where I lived for 5 years) then (with a nodding acquaintance with Gloucestershire) switched to Middlesex when I moved back to London. I am a member of both Middlesex and Surrey (handy for ordering test tickets) and intend to get to Lord's and The Oval ( I refuse to use the ever-changing sponsors names) more often from next year.
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