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By gmdf
Vic Marks isn't a fan either:
No doubt we will eventually be assailed by the ECB about the “radical changes” of The Hundred, which will not convince those familiar with the game. All we are witnessing is a grim determination to be different, which is designed to satisfy the broadcasters and the counties not involved, who counter-intuitively are not too bothered if the Hundred fails to take off. All that concerns them is that they can sustain the success of the Blast, which is more likely with such a bizarre rival, while receiving their annual boost of £1.3m for not hosting The Hundred – assuming that promise is honoured.

Essentially cricket already has three fine formats, which work well. It does not need a fourth that increasingly seems to lack the simplicity that was, according to the ECB, supposed to appeal to “women and children”. The Hundred is an unnecessary gimmick especially since T20 cricket so obviously prospers - and is understood - all around the world. It may deliver quick cash from the TV deal; it will not enhance the game. Young English cricketers would welcome the chance to display their skills in the hope of lucrative contracts in the IPL and the Big Bash, playing in the proper short-form of the game. ... CMP=twt_gu
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By gmdf
This Tweet from Lizzie Ammon hits the nail on the head as to why few cricket fans will support the ECB's new competition:
Part of why Sport is such an important part of our lives is the agony and ecstasy of your team winning and losing I just can’t imagine ever feeling that about made up cricket teams with made up names and players who move teams every year
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