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By onemorerun
Kerrigan and (presumably) Atif Sheikh replace Sanderson and Azharullah from yesterday. Crook and Zaib also left out, Newton and Holden coming in. No Buck - is he injured?

Sheikh seems to have played 9 first class games, mainly for Leics. He took a hat trick for them in 2014.
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By abington1
343 all out represents objectively a good days cricket. We should have scored more but having said that the Gloucester's bowling initially was very wayward and our openers made the most of it. The wicket was quite helpful so interesting to see how our attack does today weather permitting
By Ironside
After the start we had, I thought it was a rather disappointing score. After wining the toss and mindful of our limited pace bowling I was hoping for at least 400.
As so often seems to be the case too many batsmen were out caught - all 10 in this innings and from what I have seen on the highlights many were to poor shots.
Some blame should probably attach to ECB with their ridiculous scheduling. Finishing a game at 6.00 on Saturday evening and stating another one in an entirely different format the next morning gives the players no chance to adapt. I'm amazed the PCA and club administrators accept this nonsense.
By Ironside
Things not looking too good and we are depending on Wakely, Rossington and Kleiveldt to save us - possibly with serious help from the weather.
Probably little consolation but at least this time the five wickets we lost were to decent balls and unlike the first innings nobody gave their wicket away. The position was made worse by what seemed a poor decision by the umpire to dismiss Keogh.
On a positive note great bowling by Gleeson and decent figures for Keogh
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By Bucksman
With yesterday's wash-out, today could have proved an absorbing contest with, say, 200+ lead, given a full day's play... but, oh well! Yes, Keogh suffered a somewhat slow death with the delayed raising of the finger, the general feeling being that it was just a tad too high.
By Iron Mike
I see your high points haul in the draw keeps you right up there. Apart from your visit to the Gardens what is your run-in? As I said from end of last season Northants could well go up this year.
By onemorerun
Remaining matches -

Notts (a)
Sussex (h)
Glamorgan (a)
Notts (h)
Leics (a)

I don't like the fact that we've got two games against the runaway leaders.

On the subject of points, we've only dropped 3 bowling points; however we've picked up fewer than half of the batting points available (20 out of 45). I don't think we've got maximum batting points once this season, not even when we got 568 against Kent (and they got over 700). Over the course of the season, this has the same effect as winning an extra couple of games.
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By Bucksman
With even the weather working in their favour yesterday, the force is with Notts who must be odds-on for the Division 2 title, but at least we don't have to play them in consecutive matches!

The consistent acquisition of batting points has long been an Achilles heel in the setting up of a solid match position, witnessed again on Sunday with the failure by just seven runs to gain a 4th point.
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By mav
My feeling is if we get to play most of our matches (rather than weather induced draws) we will finish second.
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