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By onemorerun
Luck ran out last night. We could have gone top with a win, despite frankly being very unconvincing in most matches.

Ultimately, our innings followed a familiar pattern - a quick start, then the openers get out, Duckett adds little, Wakely/Keogh consolidate but allow the required run rate to rise, then one of them gets out and there is very little batting to follow.

Duckett had gone completely off the boil, and Crook now seems to be in the team only because of injuries to others. On that subject, we're missing Azharullah, Prasanna, White and (most importantly) Cobb, so we have excuses. Without Cobb, our batting looks one short, whoever replaces him. One baffling thing last night is why, with quick runs needed, Zaib was sent in before Kleinveldt, who ended up facing just two balls. A narrow defeat can never be put down to just one thing, but that seemed odd at the time and so it proved.

Our one piece of bad luck was that Grandhomme really looked to have been stumped early in his innings. His knee was on the ground but over the crease, and he did overbalance and raise his foot. Sky didn't comment, but that's how it looked to me. Sky does seem sometimes to avoid commenting on anything controversial, particularly umpiring decisions.

After our 2013 win, Ripley made the point that T20 was won by the teams that hit the most sixes. Last night Bears hit 9, we hit just 4. The openers made such a good start, I still can't work out how we lost!
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By Bucksman
Yes, I suspect had Kleinveldt batted at 6, instead of Crook (an increasing liability these days), we most likely wouldn't have lost. The batting order at this stage of the innings certainly did not appear the most inspired... it really requires someone to get established and anchor the innings through to its conclusion.

This block T20 is largely reduced to a lottery, given the protracted unsettled weather, but this unnecessary defeat could cost us in the final mix.
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By Ironside
I can't understand how we lost either, and I agree with nearly everything that has been said.
The point about de Grandhomme's stumping is very well made - it certainly looked out to me. Surely the umpire should at least have called for a tv review.
And can anybody explain how de G was not man of the match. Very good innings and three very good overs after one very expensive one. Easily the outstanding all-round performance.
One new positive for me was Zaib's bowling and although he didn't achieve much with his batting things could have been different if Wakely hadn't refused a run off Zaib's second or third ball. Could have made all the difference
And one extreme negative was the continuing under-performance by Crook. Unless he has another year on his contract he should be very worried
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By onemorerun
Thanks Ironside - glad it wasn't just me who saw the stumping that way.

Tonight against Lancs, unless any of our wounded recover, it'll presumably be the same team. So all we can do is play with the batting order and bowling.

I hope Kleinveldt is pushed up the order a bit (if needed). On the bowling front, I'd like to see Gleeson bowl the first over - he's our quickest bowler and it sometimes seems as if the standard first over from Sanderson allows the batsmen to settle.

Above all, though, if we're chasing and in front of the required rate, I would like to see us aim to win with an over to spare - recently, we've preserved wickets but have left ourselves too much to do at the end.
By Den Buckett
I often hear that we like to chase but I have never seen us as a good chasing side. We always seem to get bogged down even if we get a good start. On this occasion our luck ran out and we didn't quite scrape through.
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By onemorerun
I agree, I have never thought we were that good at chasing. It would be interesting to see the stats - results batting first versus wins chasing.
By onemorerun
Well I got two of my wishes, Kleinveldt went in at 5, and Gleeson bowled the first over. Gleeson/Kleinveldt outstanding at the start. Of course, being us, we managed to make it difficult.

Levi going off injured is the next thing to worry about, without him we really would struggle. Hope he's back for Saturday.

A very tight group. When I last looked at the table, Yorkshire were top and looked certain qualifiers, now they're down to fourth. Without all these injuries, I think we'd still be showing why we are the holders. Too much to hope for any news on the website, of course, but it would be nice to know progress of Cobb and White.
By rwjc22
What do People think about Crooks position in the team? I am not sure what he contributes anymore apart from being a good fielder. Doesn't bowl, or when he does he gets smashed round the park, and very rarely performs with the bat.
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By abington1
Unable to post of late but agree Crook is a worry. Form is an unfortunate beast and can be difficult to recover especially as time goes on, Always a useful all-rounder and brilliant fielder, feel now he is only justifying his place due to injuries. The two Bens are off form whilst the two Richards are on terrific form. Lots of justified moaning about the Warwick (refuse to call them Bears such nonsense) and little praise after the Lancs game, howver some of the positives I will take (apart from mentioned above) Wakeley's beautiful stroke play, real cricket , including superb couple of sixes, Zaib's useful spell under pressure and young Sole's fielding (albeit one spilt catch) including a magnificent run out /. Bring on Worcester again
By onemorerun
Duckett and Crook clearly avid readers of this board. All it took was for us to moan a bit, to sting them into action!

An impressive win, and not forgetting we are still missing Cobb, White and an overseas player.
By Den Buckett
Perhaps my theory is correct. We won twice batting first against Lancs/Worcs. Now we decide to bat second and it's all going pear shaped!
By onemorerun
Couldn't agree more. The last four matches include two wins batting first and two defeats batting second. But will Wakely and Ripley see it this way?

Tonight v Leicestershire was such a bad defeat it really should make them reconsider their tactics.
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By Bucksman
onemorerun wrote:
Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:04 pm
Tonight v Leicestershire was such a bad defeat it really should make them reconsider their tactics.
There will never be a clearer indication of the need to do so! After winning the toss we were never in the game, with Duckett's erratic form, in particular, creating difficulties.

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