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By Shortlegs
I thought it would be interesting to post the CC averages so far this season for our batsmen five games into the season. First comes number of innings, then runs and next average

Vasconcelos 2 86 43.00
Newton 6 175 29.17
Wakely 8 173 21.62
Cobb 6 114 19.00
Rossington 8 148 18.50
Levi 6 105 17.50
Duckett 8 100 12.50
Keogh 6 62 10.33
Procter 4 40 10.00

One player averaging over forty and he's only palyed one match and six of our 8 main batsmen averaging below 20, three of whom have averages you might expect from a number 10 or 11 in the order.

Of course there is the mitigating factor of early season green wickets, but even in that context these figures are awful and Sales and Ripley really need to sort this and make some brave decisions.

Short term I think we need to stick with Vasconcelos and bring in another loan batsman to ensure competition for places. Even so, we have no choice but to persevere with most of these batsmen. I would do this with Newton, Duckett, Levi, Procter and Rossington with Wakely as back-up.

Keogh and Cobb should not be considered at this point. Cobb is a very good and important one-day player but has rarely shone in CC cricket. Keogh has been out of form for so long he needs to go back to second team cricket to find form. I'm convinced that one of these two often plays in CC matches just to offer a spin otion but it must be remembered they are primarily batsmen and are not front line spinners. I'd much rather White or Zaib play. They must be better spin options and they won't score fewer runs.
So other than stating the obvious by saying that the batsmen to a man have let NCCC down big time, is there a more deep rooted problem with the coaching that is causing this?
I'm not suggesting there is, as I don't know, but maybe others know more?
It's so disheartening to know that in each innings, we struggle to compete.
Another factor, though not an excuse, is injuries to Cobb, Levi and of course Gleeson.
I also feel our T20 success has had a detrimental effect on the players trying to play a long innings in the longer format. Other than Newton, the top six are more known for their white ball cricket.
By Den Buckett
I would not like to blame the ting coach for this as I'm not sure there are many of these players are actually better than what the averages are showing. Duckett is obviously the main exception as we know he can do much better. Levi is a talented batsman but more suited to one-day cricket. The rest are either players who have come through our system or other counties have got rid of because they weren't good enough - the fact is they are just not good enough and a batting coach ca only do so much with what he is given.
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By Bucksman
It could be argued the batting coach, as a fairly recently retired player from the team he was himself part of, and with little previous coaching experience, is perhaps too close to some of the more senior members of the present side to be able to offer a genuinely impartial and hard-nosed perspective of the current circumstances.

A fresh outlook from an 'outsider' with no previous ties or other club affiliations could be what is needed, albeit of likely greater expense, to make those realistic decisions deemed necessary to effect the required improved batting performance.
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