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By TWrex
Happy birthday Don from the Garden of England. A remarkable career that deserved international recognition, but from the article I read on the BBC cricket website he seems very sanguine about it & just pleased to have played for Glamorgan for so long. From the picture with the article he looks fit enough to send down a few overs even now, might not enjoy the fielding though. I will catch up with the radio interview after watching Kent's ever faltering 20/20 campaign on the tele against Somerset & keeping up to date with the mighty Dartford fc away to Havant & Waterlooville on the computer. Who said men cannot multi task :sick:
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By Iron Mike
Nice piece on a nice bloke. On Sunday Spin he was the analyst who always saw the bright side of a Sunday League defeat. It made wins at far flung Leicester or sonewhere all the sweeter. Never said a bad word about a player as not required nor in his nature. You got the impression the Glam broadcast and press media of the day on the club's periphery saw every ball of the summer, which they did.

Later he was joined by Hignell who used to read the local league reults from the previous day from the Wales on Sunday - as well as scoring Our own version of TMS.

Pembwlydd hapws indeed.
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By otis
Remember watching him bowling at St Helens and drinking pints from the tables between overs!
He also used to have some lovely ice cream in his shop in Parkmill.
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By TWrex
I have listened to the interview & it was a wonderful half-an-hour. Doesn't matter what county you follow or your age group well worth putting some time aside to hear of this wonderful career so entertainingly told. Don deserves the title of gentleman, but I think Sir Don would be even more fitting.
By GlammyRay
During the mid 80's and for a very long time always enjoyed listening to him along with Ed Bevan. At the end of the 1986 season they made me a Glamorgan follower and through time it has become a county that I love and feel proud to support especially when they win at the Oval and yes even on Sunday against Somerset!

Happy Belated Birthday!
By otis
Yes he was 90 last week, must have been all the late nights of T20 games and the excitement
of Glam finishing top of the table.

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