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By Iron Mike
Bit of fun...

Q1...Which fc county has used the least number of home outground venues?
A. Gloucestershire
B. Surrey
C. Warwickshire

Q2...Which fc county has used the most outgrounds for home matches?
A. Kent
B. Lancashire
C. Middlesex

Q3...Which fc county have played home matches in the most counties?
A. Kent
B. Middlesex
C. Northamptonshire

Q4...How many outgrounds have Derbyshire; Hampshire and Yorkshire used for home matches between them?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2 or more
By Iron Mike
For all time t20s since inception in 2003.

You got 2 of the 4 right..from the choices the answers were:

Surrey...only 1 outground used for their own matches.

Middlesex...used 4 outgrounds for t20

Middlesex...4 outgrounds in 3 counties...Surrey, Hertfordshire and in Middlesex

2 outgrounds between them.

New questions:
Which 6 counties have never taken a t20 home match to an outground?

Which fc county have played all outground festival home t20s but not in theit own county?

Which was Surrey's only outground for a Surrey ccc t20?
A. East Molesey
B. Guildford
C. Richmond
By Iron Mike
Warwickshire have...at Rugby. Glam won there!

Glamorgan played Warwickshire at Swansea...in the early t20 days more outgrounds were used. Perhaps a continuation of the Totesport and counties trying to generate more revenue at hq.

Northampton played in Bedfordshire at Luton and Buckinghamshire at MK. Also Derbyshire who went to Leek in Staffordshire.

Surrey took their first 2 matches in 03 to Met Police cc in East Molesey. Middlesex play at Richmond. Last year Surrey were at the Oval one night and Glam played Middlesex at the London Welsh ground in Richmond.

There are 6 counties never had a home outground game...

To think Sunday League cricket had plenty of outgrounds across the country, there's not many left and fewer in t20s.

Going to big test grounds has its place..as do outgrounds which should never be lost to the game.

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